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To Our Shareholders

Under new management structure, we will strive to further enhance stabilization of earnings and corporate value.


We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to our shareholders and investors for their continuous support.
With our corporate philosophy to "establish a company that can perpetually grow and contribute to society" and "create an appealing company", we globally provide engineering services oriented from green technology through the expansion of our expertise in “Energy, Air, and Water”.

Especially as one of our main missions, we are working on R&D activities and the development of new business that contribute to reducing our environmental burden on a global scale.
From April 2017, we will strive under our new management structure to further enhance stabilization of earnings and corporate value.

In particular, we have seen results in new fields such as plant factories and aircraft industry. We expand our business through focusing our core business and promoting new domestic and overseas businesses by utilizing the full potential of our group.
We appreciate the continued support and guidance of our shareholders and investors in the years to come.

Toshiaki Shiba

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