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Social Contributions

Social Contributions

  • Participation in donation program of Hokkaido UNICEF Association
    In support of Hokkaido UNICEF Association’s activities for assisting the growth of children around the world in difficult circumstances, Taikisha donated unused calendars (eight boxfuls) it had received during the year-end and New Year period. These calendars will be sold at a charity bazaar and the proceeds will be used for the organization’s activities.

Additional activities include:

 ・ Donation to the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund
 ・ Donation to the Guide Dogs Training System of Japan Guide Dog Association
 ・ Cooperation in Shinrai Shihon Zaidan’s “Arigato-hon” (book donation) activities
 ・ Co-hosting the Namaste India (Indian Culture Event)
 ・ Collection of used stamps, unwanted mobile phones, Bell-Marks, foreign coins, used clothes, etc.
 ・ Collection of unused items (stamps, prepaid telephone cards, gift vouchers, prepaid book vouchers)
 ・ Blood donation, etc.

Community Contribution Activities

  • Donation to the fukushima Sakura Project

    In support of the “fukushima Sakura Project,” which aims to prevent the efforts for recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake from losing momentum, Taikisha’s Tohoku Branch Office cooperated in continuous recovery support activities for disasterstricken areas and people. This project supports the recovery of Fukushima and the Tohoku region through activities, including delivering seedlings of a new species of cherry tree called Haruka across the country and holding various events attracting many people in Fukushima Prefecture.

  • Participation in Wakamono-no Tsudoi (Young People’s Gathering) in Shinjuku
    On November 7, 2015, Taikisha participated in Wakamono-no-Tsudoi 2015, held in Shinjuku Culture Center to join in community activities as a member of the Shinjuku CSR Network. The network is mainly comprised of companies which are involved in volunteer/social contributions in Shinjuku-ku, and Taikisha joined the group in 2011.
    This time, together with participating companies, Taikisha was in charge of setting up a family corner for kids and parents to have a fun time. Taikisha socialized with community residents by crafting kids’toys using plastic bottles.

  • Participation in Shinjuku Year-End Cleaning Campaign
    Nearly 30 employees of Taikisha participated in the “12th Shinjuku Year-End Cleaning Campaign,” organized by Shinjuku City, for cleaning the neighborhood around Shinjuku Station on December 18, 2015. They cleaned up the area west of Shinjuku Station.

(Other activities of domestic business offices)

 ・ Tokyo Head Office: Participation in “Uchimizu (Water Sprinkling) Campaign 2015”in Shinjuku
 ・ Osaka Branch Office: Regular cleaning activities around the Hirakata Factory
 ・ Tohoku Branch Office: Participation in the “Hirosegawa River 10,000 People Project”(Comprehensive cleanup of the Hirosegawa River basin)

Initiatives in Overseas Business Offices

  • Cleaning Activity in Japanese Cemetery Park
    On August 7, 2015, employees of Taikisha (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. and their family members voluntarily cleaned the Japanese Cemetery Park. This marked the fifth year of their participation in this activity. After the cleaning was completed, they offered flowers to the cenotaph and prayed for Japanese people who lost their lives in Singapore.

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