Railway Cars Painting


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What is airplane/railway vehicle painting?

Large objects such as aircraft and railroad vehicles also have painting and sanding, but due to their large size, automation has not progressed. In recent years, automation is progressing due to advances in shape recognition technology for large objects and technology for mounting and moving robots. Taikisha is developing a system equipped with a lifter / robot on an AGV and shape recognition technology by 3D scanner shape measurement and analysis of captured images as automation technology for painting and sanding of large objects. We are ready to put it to practical use.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to lift productivity
  • Want to improve labor environments and achieve automation


We aim to improve productivity, reduce materials, minimize dangerous tasks, and improve quality based on our experience and know-how of automobile painting and aircraft body sanding to provide automated systems in painting or repainting processes for railway vehicles and parts.


  • Automation system originally developed by our company

    High coating efficiency electrostatic system (i-ESTA100TE) and sanding machine are mounted on the robot with lifting and lowering on the traveling device according to the length and width of the vehicle. Paint supply device and sanding powder dust collector on the traveling device. By arranging each traveling device required for the length of the vehicle on both sides of the vehicle, and by equipping it with an elevating device so that it can be adapted to the height and width of the vehicle, various types of vehicle types, intermediate vehicles, etc. It is an automated system that can handle leading vehicles.

  • Painting automation system utilizing high coating efficiency electrostatic system (i-ESTA100TE)

    Many railroad vehicle are painted in 2 to 4 colors, and it takes a lot of man-hours and time for masking and damasking in order to paint in different colors regardless of whether the painting is robotized or not. However, the automation system equipped with our high coating efficiency electrostatic system (i-ESTA100TE) makes it possible to significantly reduce the man-hours for masking and demasking.It can also significantly reduce the amount of paint used.

    High-coating-efficiency electrostatic deposition system

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      This system is patented.
  • Sanding automation system

    This system is suitable for sanding process of putty sanding work, surfacer coat sanding work, top coat sanding work, and paint peeling sanding work for repainting in the new painting process of railway vehicles. Currently, most of the sanding work is done by humans. By automating the sanding work by this person, there will be a lot of benefits. Shortening the sanding time, reducing man-hours, significantly reducing the amount of abrasive material used. And environment for workers can also be improved by eliminating dangerous work and reducing the scattering of sanding powder.

    Sanding automation system

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      This system is patented.
  • Automatic teaching system for painting and sanding railway parts

    Our automation system can also be used for painting and sanding various railway parts.
    In particular, side skirts (blocking boards) have various shapes and sizes, so the automation of painting and sanding has not progressed.
    However, by combining our proprietary automatic teaching, painting and polishing can be automated.