Bio Clean Room (BCR) Technology

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What is Biological Clean Room (BCR) technology?

Comprehensive construction technology for clean room relating to pharmaceutical manufacturing such as decontamination system and validation support. e.g. room pressure control system for stable manufacturing environments to comply with each country's GMP, reliable contamination barrier to shut up toxic substances.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to reduce CO2 and enhance energy efficiency
  • Want monitoring and control


This pressure regulator control system can maintain optimum conditions when activating production devices or air conditioning systems, which tends to lead to a reversal of the differential pressure between rooms, or even when changing the air volume mode.

TAICOM-RP40 room pressure control system

The TAICOM-RP40 is a room pressure controller that monitors the status of peripheral devices to operate and control systems in optimal condition. The room pressure control system consists of a constant air volume machine, room pressure control damper, fan inverter, switching damper, and high airtight damper. The TAICOM-RP40 monitors and controls these components, operating to maintain the overall system in optimum condition.


  • Achievement of precision room pressure control

    Taikisha is well-known for its reliability due to the sufficient record of providing room pressure control systems, which allowing us to build up a vast store of experience and powerful technological capabilities.

  • Automatic and energy-saving operation

    System activation or inactivation and room decontamination can take place automatically just by pushing a switch. Time scheduling is also available easily on touch screen.
    Energy-saving operation

    TAICOM can regulate the air volume in maintaining optimal room pressure, lowering it to 60% when the room is not in operation at night, to reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning by 40% to 50%. (Example measurement with actual equipment)

    • *
      The percentage of energy reduction depends on the type of equipment, operating status and conditions.
  • Support of computer validation

    Taikisha's room pressure systems have supported computer validation since over 20 years ago. We also have a track record of delivering systems for FDA inspections.

  • General-purpose equipment for easy maintenance

    A general-purpose PLC is used for the controller.

  • Less-wiring with data communication

    The TAICOM-RP40 reduces the amount of wiring by sharing data with peripheral devices through telecommunications. The room pressure measurement data is collected by simultaneous sampling to ensure data simultaneity.


Maximum number of pressure controlled rooms per system Maximum of 40
Decontamination mode Batch (overall), individual, pass box decontamination
Maximum number of air volume setting zones Maximum of 40
Air volume mode Batch production, batch non-production, air-volume switching by individual rooms
Display device Graphics panel
Alert output Alerts of abnormalities in room pressure, differential pressure between rooms, duct pressure, systems, and peripheral equipment
Miscellaneous Internal UPS (uninterruptible power supply unit)