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Protecting the Air of the Future

To preserve clean air for the children of the future,
Taikisha must strive to reduce environmental impacts and realize a sustainable society.

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Taikisha's Businesses Our business

Proprietary Technology and Solutions

Taikisha conducts a wide range of businesses both in Japan and overseas in two core business fields: Green Technology System Business and Paint Finishing System Business.

The Future of Business Development

The global company actively engaged in business worldwide

For over 50 years, Taikisha has established affiliates in many areas of the world. Our employees work all over the world both in HVAC business and paint finishing plants business.

Construction projects in over 50 countries

The top-level of market share in the world in terms of net sales of the automobile paint finishing system business

28 consolidated overseas subsidiaries

Global Network

Search for technologies and services by building usage Service & solutions

Taikisha resolves clients' environmental issues by making full use of energy-saving and environmental impact reduction technologies.

Technologies and Services

Projects Projects

Taikisha provides the best technologies and services in 50 countries and regions worldwide, from new equipment to modifications to save energy and prevent environmental contamination.


Sustainability Sustainability

Using the technologies we have been refining since our founding to control energy, air, and water, we provide the ultimate environment for people's lifestyles and for manufacturing.
This is an introduction to Taikisha's unique initiatives and advantages that allow us to help solve the urgent global issue of protecting the global environment.