Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

We promptly disclose important information regarding the company based on the transparency, fairness, and consistency stated in our management vision: "We observe the spirit of the law, perform business transactions through free and fair competition, and contribute to customers, clients, shareholders, employees, communities, society, and the global environment through our transparent and highly ethical management values."

Information Disclosure Standards

We disclose the appropriate information as required in accordance with the related laws and ordinances, including the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Security Listing Regulations, and other rules outlined by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Information that is not considered important information as established under the laws or regulations, but is deemed to be useful for our investors will be disclosed fairly and actively to the best of our abilities.

Information Disclosure Method

We disclose information deemed important by the Security Listing Regulations through TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network), provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, in accordance with the applicable regulations. We also post the information on our company's website immediately after disclosure. Furthermore, we disclose information determined to be influential in investment making decisions promptly and appropriately based on its importance and urgency, even if it is not deemed important by the regulations.

Quiet Period

We set a certain period of time before the earnings announcement date as a quiet period in order to prevent the leakage of financial results and ensure the fairness of disclosure. We decline to answer questions regarding the company's financial results and earnings projections or to comment on such matters during this period. However, if it becomes likely that the results will differ significantly from projections during the quiet period, we promptly disclose information in accordance with the disclosure rules.

Forward-Looking Statements

Our information regarding forward-looking statements, such as future plans, projections, strategies and other issues, are prepared based on specific conditions to determine whether the information is rational at the time of disclosure. Consequently, there are certain risks and uncertainties present in forward-looking statements. Please be advised that the company's future results or performance may differ from projections and forward-looking statements due to future risks, uncertainties, or various other factors.