Corporate Development

History of Taikisha

  1. 1913

    • Joint stock company, Kenzaisha established on April 10 with Takeshi Uenishi becoming the first President
  2. 1949

    • Joint stock company, Kenzaisha dissolved and Kenzaisha Co., Ltd. established
    • Registered as an official building constructor in accordance with the Construction Industry Law
  3. 1952

    • Commencement of paint finishing plant operations
  4. 1964

    • Engineering Research Laboratory established in Hirakata City, Osaka
  5. 1970

    • Corporate philosophy "Customers First" announced
    • Technical collaboration for axial flow blowers with the USA-based company, JOY
  6. 1971

    • Thai Kenzaisha Co., Ltd. Established in Bangkok, Thailand (In 2001, Thai Kenzaisha Co., Ltd. changed its name to Taikisha (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)
  7. 1973

    • Corporate name changed to Taikisha Ltd.
  8. 1974

    • License No. 3441 for construction operations obtained and authorized by the Minister of Construction in line with revisions to the Construction Industry Law
    • Taikisha Ltd. listed in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  9. 1976

    • San Esu Industry Co., Ltd. established
  10. 1980

    • Zama Technical Center established in Zama City, Kanagawa (In 2019, Zama Technical Center changed its name to Technical Center)
    • Taikisha Ltd. transferred to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  11. 1981

    • TKS Industrial Company established in Dover, Delaware, U.S.A.
  12. 1986

    • Nippon Noise Control Ltd. established
  13. 1987

    • Atomos Air Conditioning Service, Co., Ltd. established (In 2000, Atomos Service Ltd. changed its name to Tokyo Taikisha Service Ltd.)
  14. 1989

    • Taikisha (Taiwan) Ltd. established in Taipei, Taiwan
    • Taikisha Engineering Sdn. Bhd. established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  15. 1990

    • P.T. Taikisha Indonesia Engineering established in Jakarta, Indonesia
  16. 1991

    • Aikawa Technical R&D Center established in Aikawamachi, Kanagawa
  17. 1992

    • Donki TEC established in Seoul, Korea (In 1996, Donki TEC changed its name to Taikisha Korea Ltd.)
  18. 1994

    • WuZhou Taikisha Engineering Co., Ltd. established in Beijing, China
  19. 1995

    • Taikisha Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. established in New Delhi, India (In 1999, Taikisha Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. changed its name to Taikisha Engineering India Ltd. In 2015, Taikisha Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. changed its name to Taikisha Engineering India Private Ltd.)
    • Taikisha Philippines Inc. established in Manila, Philippines
  20. 1998

    • Taikisha Vietnam Engineering Inc. established in Hanoi, Vietnam
  21. 2000

    • Taikisha Hong Kong Limited established in Hong Kong SAR
  22. 2003

    • Reorganized into three division organization system of the Environmental Facilities Division, Industrial Facilities Division and Metal Finishing Division
  23. 2004

    • Singapore branch closed and Taikisha (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. established
    • Aikawa Technical R&D Center, Hirakata Research Institute, and New Business Technology Development Office integrated into the Research and development Center in Aikawamachi, Kanagawa (In 2012, Research and development Center changed its name to Research and Development Center)
    • P.T. Taikisha Manufacturing Indonesia established in Karawang, Indonesia
  24. 2006

    • Corporate Compliance Committee and Corporate Compliance Dept. newly established
  25. 2007

    • Reorganized into two division organization system of the Green Technology System Division and Paint Finishing System Division
  26. 2010

    • Tianjin Taikisha Paint Finishing System Ltd. established in Tianjin, China
  27. 2011

    • Taikisha (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. established in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  28. 2013

    • Taikisha Myanmar Co., Ltd. established in Yangon, Myanmar
  29. 2014

    • Formed a capital and business alliance with Encore Automation LLC(USA)
  30. 2019

    • Zama Technical Center and Hirakata Research Institute integrated into a Technical Center
  31. 2019

    • Taikisha Lao Co.,Ltd. established
  32. 2020

    • Equity of Nicomac Clean Rooms Far East LLP obtained, renamed Nicomac Taikisha Clean Rooms Private Limited in 2021
  33. 2021

    • Vege-Factory Co.,Ltd. established
  34. 2022

    • Taikisha Ltd. shifted from the TSE First Section to the Prime Market due to the revision of the classification of Tokyo Stock Exchange