Research & Development Facilities

Taikisha's Technology Development Policy

Taikisha group has been pursuing the development of products that enable customers to create new forms of value. In order to realize this, we are constantly listening to our customers' opinions regardless of whether such opinions are directly related to HVAC or paint finishing technologies. We have formulated our primary principles on these opinions in order to gain our customers' trust by providing efficient and sophisticated products at low cost. Recently, we have been making the utmost effort to respond to various social requirements, such as promotion of energy savings, reduction of our impact on the environment, and other related activities.

Research & Development Facilities

Research and Development Center

The Research and Development Center mainly focuses on developing the wide range of HVAC technologies in the industry, as represented by building HVAC and cleanrooms. In addition, it works on the development of a wide range of other technologies, such as Environment Conservation Technology (exhaust air processing technology, CO2 separation utilization, and the utilization of environmentally friendly energy), Control and Digital Technology (AI control, Digital analysis technology (big data), Robotics, MR), moreover, advanced environmental technology such as environmental test laboratory and low-dew-point room (temperature, humidity, rectification).

New research center to be completed in 2024

359-8, Mimasu, Aikawa-cho, Aiko-gun, Kanagawa 243-0308, Japan

Technical Center

The R&D building of the Technical Center conducts development of automotive paint finishing systems, as well as development of polishing and paint finishing systems for railway cars, aircraft, and small parts and components.
The quality inspection laboratory conducts paint tests and develops paint finishing systems by using paint robots and other equipment, and carries out painting simulations and tests under varying conditions using a wide variety of car bodies and paint materials. Paint booths, flash-off devices, and ovens make it possible to discover the optimal system for use in paint facilities. The Pre-Assembly factory factory carries out assembly of each part and performs test operation in order to check the functionality, operation, and quality before delivery.


2-14-10, Komatsubara, Zama-shi, Kanagawa 252-0002, Japan

Overseas Research & Development Facilities