Integrated Monitoring System

Bio Clean Room (BCR) Technology

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What is Biological Clean Room (BCR) technology?

Comprehensive construction technology for clean room relating to pharmaceutical manufacturing such as decontamination system and validation support. e.g. room pressure control system for stable manufacturing environments to comply with each country's GMP, reliable contamination barrier to shut up toxic substances.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to lift productivity
  • Want monitoring and control


Efficient integrated system that combines central monitoring, environmental monitoring, and room pressure control systems which has been manufactured and operated separately previously.


  • Management integration

    • All data including operating status of the equipment, room pressure, room temperature, room humidity and cleaness, etc. is managed by a single device.
    • Custom settings available; scheduled operation, automatic report regeneration and high- speed trend output(by 1 sec.).
  • Setting operations in the monitoring room

    Various settings(stop or start of control devices, delay times for opening or closing) are available on the computer.

  • Space and energy saving

    Space is saved by eliminating the disorder of having different boards set up, while single software saves space and energy for control panel boxes, so as initial and running costs.



Conventional systems

Conventional systems worked independently for general central monitoring, environmental monitors for GMP, and equipment controls.

Integrated Monitoring System

This integrated system covers everything from equipment for GMP to equipment controls, forming a rational system consistent from host system to subsystem.

Simple system with versitile equipment

Required environment Device for Windows
Communications Ethernet
PLC General-purpose PLC

Data coordination with host monitoring systems

By installing a VPN router for external communications and an external PLC, we can construct a system that can safely connect with upstream monitoring systems.

With integrated monitoring, PLC monitoring data from the monitoring PC is sent (separate from the control and monitoring PLC to prevent external influence on the integrated monitoring) to the external PLC (with BACnet unit), and linked to an upstream monitoring system (to view data from integrated monitoring with BACnet protocol), via VPN router from the external PLC (firewall functions cut connections other than BACnet or from higher rank systems), and via VPN router from the Internet (securing a safe communications environment by using a VPN).

Protocols used among different systems and equipment

(Protocol name) OPC (Target equipment) Between monitoring system PCs (Supported with integrated monitoring) Supports modification of monitoring systems (Protocol name) BACnet (Target equipment) Between monitoring system PCs, PLC, and device equipment (Supported with integrated monitoring) Supports attachment of BACnet unit to PLC (Protocol name) FL-net (Target equipment) Between PLC (Supported with integrated monitoring) Supports attachment of FL-net unit to PLC (Protocol name) MODBUS (Target equipment) Between PLC and device equipment (Supported with integrated monitoring) Supports attachment of MODBUS unit to PLC

Optional external notification and e-mail reports

Data on temperature and humidity, room pressure, air supply and exhaust fans, and air conditioning equipment is collected in a data acquisition PLC using the Ethernet (wired) from the Integrated Monitoring System/control system server, then sent using the Ethernet (wired) to the Integrated Monitoring System/control system server. Ethernet (wired) and onsite wireless LAN via wireless access points are used to display sent data onscreen (Windows tablets or Microsoft Surface Pro).
If the integrated monitoring generates a warning, Ethernet (LAN) communication is used to alert the notification PLC, which triggers an alarm with a flashing light. Smartphones and other devices are also notified from the router via the Internet.