Air Fuse (Ductless Ventilation Fan)

Induction-Based High Airflow Blowing Technology

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What is induction-based high airflow blowing technology?

Ductless air blowing technology that saves space and operating cost. Induction effect caused by a high velocity blower ventilates large spaces effetively, e.g. factories, warehouses, and parking areas.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to reduce CO2 and enhance energy efficiency


Air Blowing with Limited Space and Minimized Weight

This technology draws in ambient air to make it usable for ventilation and air-conditioning.
Unlike traditional systems there is no need for ductwork, making it easy to construct. An economical and reliable system, Air Fuse is the most suitable system for ductless ventilation in parking lots as well as for air-conditioning in large spaces such as halls or gymnasiums.


  • Sound and vibration proof design to minimize noises and vibrations

    As its primary feature, Air Fuse generates very little noise and vibration, providing unprecedented quietness that traditional axial flow fans cannot offer.

  • Reachable airflow distance of 30m or more (AF-1)

    With the air velocity of 0.4m/sec, the blown air can reach a location 30m away from the outlet, covering an area with a diameter of 8m.

  • Energy saving

    As an energy-saving system, Air Fuse consumes an amount of power similar to that of domestic lighting (AF-2: 63W, AF-1: 120W.)

  • Remote operation monitoring available

    With a neon indicating light and a breaker contained in the terminal box, the system allows for remote operation monitoring.

  • 30 times more ambient air is drawn in than air blown

    A high-power fan draws in a 30 times larger volume of ambient air than that of the air being blown, generating a spacious airflow.

  • Selectable blowing direction

    The system allows for unrestricted adjustment of blow direction settings, including vertical, horizontal, and diagonal movement.