Rotating Dipping System

Conveyor System


What is conveyor systems?

The conveyor system in the painting factory is an automatic transportation system that is involved in the entire process from receiving the car body from the welding factory, passing through the painting process, and handing over the car body to the assembly factory. Taikisha supports various transportation systems, from the hanger / trolley method that has been used in Japan for a long time to the skid method that is mainly used in Europe. In addition, it can be used not only for automobile bodies but also for painting systems for plastic parts.

What is pretreatment/electrodeposition rotating conveyors?

The pretreatment and electrodeposition process is the first process in a painting factory. Rotaing conveyor is used in the process. These conveyor systems can rotate the car body during the treatment process, and are classified according to their abilities and rotation angles.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to lift productivity
  • Want to reduce CO2 and enhance energy efficiency
  • Want to make the best use of limited spaces
  • Want to improve labor environments and achieve automation


This conveyor is a rotary conveyor system that can improve coating quality in pretreatment and electrodeposition processes, shorten the process length, and reduce running costs. The structure and control system have been greatly simplified by adopting a unique operation mechanism. It is a system that makes daily line management and equipment maintenance management very easy. This conveyor is made into a series according to the production scale and can meet a wide range of requests.


  • Modularity and Scalability.
  • Process flexibility: by skipping the tank, it allows you to create different cycles.
  • Product flexibility: the system adapts to the type of automobile body.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Possibility of storing the trolley (strip out trolley) during the process.
  • Ensures high process quality by minimizing the immersion of the conveyor surface in the process baths.
  • Suitable for a plant solution without the use of skids for the automobile body.
  • Reduced tank volumes with consequent reduction of energy consumption in addition to a reduced initial investment.
  • Use of standard plug-and-play components.
  • Possibility of controlling the immersion speed and direction.