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What is paint baking oven?

Many of the materials used in painting are heat curing. Firing at the right temperature for the right period of time is necessary to bring out the desired performance of these heat-curing paints. There are also several types of paint baking ovens, but currently hot air circulation ovens are the main type.

What is oven system?

When painting complexly shaped objects like car bodies, we must ensure as much as possible even temperature rises at all points and satisfy the required firing conditions at all areas. Taikisha's paint baking ovens achieve even temperature rises thanks to innovations in the shapes and positioning of the hot air jets.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to reduce CO2 and enhance energy efficiency


Our symmetry oven can raise the temperature of difficult to heat areas in the kiln, such as the outer sill at the bottom of the body, the bases of pillars, and the front floor, within a shorter period of time than traditional kilns. Applying rapid moving hot air to the body through a slit-type nozzle enables this design is to be a fast heating kiln that enhances the raising of temperature in thick parts in and around the body.

Left: Symmetry oven for keep zones (Low air flow energy-saving type)
Right: Fast-heating kiln for heating zones (Improved heating type)


  • Evenly heats the entire automobile body in a short time

    The high-speed heating oven is used in the heating zone in the front half of the oven. Hot air is blown into the car body from the upper nozzle to facilitate heating from the inside, while the lower nozzle blows hot air directly onto the thicker plating of the lower part of the body to heat it up. The result is to evenly heat the entire car body in a short space of time.

  • Maintaining the car body temperature with minimal airflow

    Our Symmetry Oven applies to the keep zone in the rear half of the drying oven. The temperature of the car body can be maintained with a minimal airflow through adequate agitation of the air in the entire oven.