C-FLOW Electrodepositing Tank Circulation System

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What is Electrodepositing System?

In the electrodeposition process an electrodeposition coat with excellent anti-corrosion properties forms on the chemical conversion coating. The electrodeposition coat plays an important role in protecting metal from rust and corrosion. Electrodepositing system provides technology to effectively form coatings that meet or exceed the standard set values on every inch of the object being painted.

What is high-efficiency electrodeposition systems?

Electrodepositing must achieve the desired thickness on the interior and exterior of the object being painted. Taikisha provides technology to improve the covering power for the interior through counter-flow systems and multi-step DC power supply system to effectively form the electrodeposition coat thickness.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to lift productivity
  • Want to reduce CO2 and enhance energy efficiency
  • Want to heighten equipment efficiency and paint quality


Utilizing a counter flow, this system reduces the number of defective points caused by stagnating dust on the surface of an automobile body, by expelling the motes introduced with the body from the tank.
This reduces the frequency of circulation of paints, saving the power for pumping. The system improves the throwing power of electrodeposited coating. It can also be installed by modifying an existing electrodeposition tank.

Comparison of paint flows in the traditional system and C-FLOW electrodeposition tanks


  • Reduction in the number of defects caused by stagnating dust

    Even though several steps are taken in the pretreatment system to remove stagnating dust, it is not possible to eliminate them completely. Residual stagnating dust (mostly iron particle) enters the electrodeposition tank, diffusing through the liquid inside.
    Traditional circulating flows move the diffused stagnating dust everywhere inside the tank, leading to defects. The counter-flow C-FLOW system prevents stagnating dust from diffusing throughout the tank, rapidly filtering it out.
    This reduces the number of defects caused by stagnating dust, minimizing the work required for sanding and repairs in subsequent processes.

  • Energy-saving

    It also saves energy by reducing the number of cycles required compared to traditional systems.