Ultra-precise Temperature Control Chamber

Mini-Environment Technology

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What is mini-environment technology?

Reduction of initial cost and operating cost for facility is enabled by minimizing spaces for higher clean levels. It also helps improving product quality and the yield.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want monitoring and control


This technology provides a precise temperature control at the level of ±5/1,000°C.

For manufacturing systems that require high-performance positioning, such as semiconductor and liquid crystal exposure systems, and precision measurement systems such as an electronic balance, Spacefine, with a direct expansion coil and hot gas reignition, provides energy-saving, low-cost, and high-precision solutions.


Structure of Ultra-precise Temperature Control Chamber (External View, Front & Main Chambers)

  • Example installations of a direct expansion spacefine unit
    • As a precision temperature control chamber installed in semiconductor and LCD factories.
    • As other manufacturing or testing rooms that require precision temperature control.
  • Adoption of a high-precision multi-loop controller
    • Two point sensors cascade-control discharged air.
    • Appropriate draft correction control based on installation environment.
  • Cleanliness: 0.1µm, Class 1
  • Low outgas materials reduce the concentration of chemicals in the chamber (ITRS-compliant).
  • Special thermal insulation panels are used.