i-Dry Scrubber (Cardboard Filter-type Booth)

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What is paint booths?

Paint booths apply intermediate and top coat on the object being painted, forming designs, and coating to protect the undercoat from ultraviolet rays and the wind and rain. The large size of these machines emphasizes technologies to make them more compact and save energy with air conditioning controls.

What is paint mist removal systems?

Overspray in paint booths results in paint mist that must be removed without it letting it escape outside. Taikisha has developed many types of wet and dry dust removal systems, with a strong track record of deliveries.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to make the best use of limited spaces


This is a dry paint booth with a simple dust removal system using a dry filter. It uses no water, just like the Dry Circular, and so it is particularly effective in places where water is scarce. When recycling booth exhaust air, it has the same energy-reducing effects as the Dry Circular.
The exhaust dust removal system is not complex, allowing it to be adopted at comparatively low cost. The main unit is fabricated at the factory, shortening the time for onsite installation. In particular, if the overspray paint load in the exhaust air is low, the running costs can be effectively reduced. We expect it to be highly effective in small-scale painting lines or in lines adopting the high efficiency spraying devices.
A key feature is that the floor dimensions of the booth can be made smaller than those of other companies' products.


  • Paint mist collection

    Paint mist is collected through dry fillters.

  • Powerful dust removal performance

    The first filter is selected for its high retention volume, while the third filter has powerful dust removal performance (can reduce the amount of dust released to the atmosphere by 90% or more).

  • No energy needed for dehumidifying

    No energy is needed for dehumidification when recycling exhaust air

  • Deodorization of putrid odor

    Putrid odor peculiar to wet paint booth can be eliminated.

  • Smaller booth floor dimensions

    The floor dimensions of the booth can be reduced by approx. 2.2 meters

  • Reduction of running costs

    This system can reduce running costs for lines with low paint load (depending on the conditions; please contact us for a provisional cost estimate).


Taikisha i-Dry Scrubber

Internal structure

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