Modular Robotic Painting Cell

Paint booth


What is paint booths?

Paint booths apply intermediate and top coat on the object being painted, forming designs, and coating to protect the undercoat from ultraviolet rays and the wind and rain. The large size of these machines emphasizes technologies to make them more compact and save energy with air conditioning controls.

What is compact booths?

We will contribute to energy saving by offering a compact booth to reduce the size of booth and by providing a compact air supplier units.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to reduce CO2 and enhance energy efficiency
  • Want to make the best use of limited spaces


Modular Robotic Painting Cell is a modularized painting unit and embodies the distinguished feature of being able to be flexibly placed in any direction. Making the most of this feature can help achieve line designs that will realize great energy and space saving.


  • High Flexibility to operate

    Automobile production in recent years is shifting from single-model assembly-line production to mixed production of different models. Because the paint specifications differ for each model, the times required for painting naturally vary.
    The design of traditional continuous painting lines tends to create large layouts that accommodate the longest cycle time for the different models. Modular robotic painting cell offers a high degree of freedom of operation well-suited to mixed-model production, because painting is completed within individual modules.

  • Design can be conformed to factory layouts

    There is also a high level of freedom for the access direction of the paint modules, allowing straight-line or honeycomb configurations to match the factory layout.
    Modular robotic painting cell can flexibly adapt to future production increases or layout changes.