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What is paint booths?

Paint booths apply intermediate and top coat on the object being painted, forming designs, and coating to protect the undercoat from ultraviolet rays and the wind and rain. The large size of these machines emphasizes technologies to make them more compact and save energy with air conditioning controls.

What is compact booths?

We will contribute to energy saving by offering a compact booth to reduce the size of booth and by providing a compact air supplier units.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to make the best use of limited spaces


In a pit-type paint booth, the height of the scrubbing chamber, which affects the depth of the pit, matters.
This compact type paint booth minimizes the height of the scrubbing chamber, while ensuring optimal dust removing performance and serviceability.

Cross-sectional view of booths


  • Smaller booth floor dimensions

    Wet paint booths have a wet exhaust cleaning unit directly below the paint room, but in many cases these are venturi scrubbers that require a certain height.
    We developed a horizontal venturi scrubber with the aim of attaining smaller floor dimensions for the booth, reducing these by approx. 1,400 millimeters (compared to our own products) in comparison with a traditional large booth with equivalent dust-collection performance.