S-1 Type Scrubber: S-1 Circular

Paint booth | Mist Removal Systems

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What is paint booths?

Paint booths apply intermediate and top coat on the object being painted, forming designs, and coating to protect the undercoat from ultraviolet rays and the wind and rain. The large size of these machines emphasizes technologies to make them more compact and save energy with air conditioning controls.

What is paint mist removal systems?

Overspray in paint booths results in paint mist that must be removed without it letting it escape outside. Taikisha has developed many types of wet and dry dust removal systems, with a strong track record of deliveries.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to lower noise levels


Solving the issue of pollution is a worldwide challenge. Dust particles from booth exhausts constitute a serious problem through their effects on the local neighborhood and through the drift hazard effect on manufactured and parked vehicles.
Meanwhile, dust particles in exhaust gases are always an obstacle to the VOC treatment and the recycling of booth exhaust.
Taikisha's S-1 circular is a wet paint booth that uses water with the venturi effect.


  • The innovative shape of the scrubber thoroughly limits energy loss by saving energy

  • Initical costs can be reduced by simplified the structure

Overall view
Expanded view of the bottom tank