Wastewater Recycling System

Pre-treatment System | Wastewater recycling technology

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What is Pre-treatment System?

Pre-treatment system remove dust and grease adhering to surfaces to be painted in the initial process, and form a chemical conversion coating for metal surfaces. They enhance adhesion properties of the item to be painted, and provide anti-corrosion properties to metal.

What is wastewater recycling technology?

Water is used in large amounts in the painting process. In the pretreatment systems and electrodeposition in particular, over 300 liters of water is used per car. We provide technology that reuses water from the washing process, making effective use of water sources.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to reduce CO2 and enhance energy efficiency


Up to now, electrodeposition resulted in wastewater, but recycling water used in washing after the forming process not only cuts the amount of wastewater, but also reduces the cost of manufacturing DI water(de-ionized water) for use in washing.


  • Wastewater recycling system

    Using this system reduces the use of DI water(de-ionized water) by 50% and waste water by 36%. Taikisha believes this system can contribute to dealing with future water risks and also help reduce running costs for our customers.

    Schematic diagram of the wastewater recycling system
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