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What is robot system integration?

Simply collecting together robots, peripheral equipment, and tools does not result in the automation you might expect. Taikisha acts as a robotics system integrator to analyze specific issues for our users, so that we can provide the optimal systems and equipment.

What is innovative paint solutions?

Taikisha supplies innovative technologies for CO2 reduction and the adoption of automation. Our electrostatic automatic painting systems achieve high coating efficiency to greatly reduce CO2. We are also preparing systems to automatically generate teaching programs for 3D scanners to recognize the shapes of the objects being processed so that robots can sand and paint the surfaces. This is perfect for automating the sanding and painting of previously difficult to handle diverse types of products.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to improve labor environments and achieve automation
  • Want to reduce CO2 and enhance energy efficiency
  • Want to prevent air pollution


Automatic painting system with 100% transfer efficiency

This is a radical change from working in paint booths full of paint mist. Painting with 100% transfer efficiency drastically reduces the environmental measures and running costs required, minimizes painring compact and reduces the burden of cleaning tasks. This painting machine uses electrostatic force instead of compressed air to atomize the paint so that no air flows around the machine and the object being painted. This ensures that every paint particle flies toward and attaches to the object through electrostatic force.

This spray system was jointly developed with TOYOTA AUTO BODY CO.,LTD.

Painting scenery with i-ESTA100TE


  • Dramatical Reduction of operating and maintenance costs as well as CO2

    Because 100% of the paint adheres to the object being painted, large equipment to capture the pant mist is not needed. It can greatly reduce the energy needed for air conditioning and exhaust treatment equipment, and can significantly reduce the operating and maintenance costs as well as CO2.

  • Reduction of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

    Reducing the amount of paint used is effective for reductment of VOC.

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