Analysis-based Optimization of Silencers

Acoustic Control Technology

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What is noise control technology?

Taikisha has been working on advancing, faster development of sound damping technology such as Inner-duct silencers and sound reducing systems for out door units of HVAC systems. These achievements are provided based on experiments and analysis with acoustic test system and original acoustic analysis software.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to lower noise levels


Straight flow silencer

Taikisha is working on further optimization of the silencer through our self-developed for acoustic analysis.

Figure1 shows the appearance of the straight flow silencer, Figure 2 indicates a comparison of measurement and analytical values for the channel width (d), while Figure 3 shows a comparison of sound reduction capacities by sound absorbent density. The measurement values much closely to the analytical values, showing the effectiveness of the analysis.

Figure 1. Configuration of the straight silencer

Comparison with the straight silencer of Figure 1

Figure 2. Comparison of sound reduction capacity through the channel width (d) of the straight silencer Measurement values (left)/Analytical values (right)

Figure 3. Comparison of sound reduction capacities by sound absobent density for the straight silencer Measurement values(left)/Analytical vakues(right)

Elbow-type silencer

With the elbow-type silencer in Figure 4. the sound reduction capacity is increased in two-channel type silencer in specificfor specific due to the interference caused by the length of the channel compared to one channel type one.

Figure 4. One-channel and two-channel elbow-type silencers

Figure 5. Comparison of sound reduction capacity between one-channel and two-channel elbow-type silencers Measurement values (left)/Analytical values (right)


  • Optimal sound-reducing system design

    Self- developed acoustic analysis sofrware utilizes to design optimal(in terms of cost and pressure loss) sound-reducing systems with performance requirements.