Outdoor Unit Countermeasures via Edge-effect Suppression Theory

Acoustic Control Technology

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What is noise control technology?

Taikisha has been working on advancing, faster development of sound damping technology such as Inner-duct silencers and sound reducing systems for out door units of HVAC systems. These achievements are provided based on experiments and analysis with acoustic test system and original acoustic analysis software.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to lower noise levels


Taikisha concluded an agreement with Kansai University to implement noise barriers applying the edge-effect suppression theory conceived by Yasuhito Kawai, a professor at that university. Based on these principles, we developed a soundproofing system for air conditioner outdoor units.


  • Improved sound insulation performance

    The edge-effect model requires no difference in cost or space compared to conventional models, but as shown in the model experiment below, its sound insulation performance is approximately 5 dB greater.

Comparative results of a 1/4 scale model experiment (125 to 250 Hz)

Conventional model
Edge-effect model