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What is VOC removal technology?

We offer a wide variety of environmental protection devices, covers from various exhaust gas treatment systems and dust collectors to wastewater treatment systems. This section introduces exhaust gas treatment system to dispose organic gases from various plants.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to prevent air pollution


In paint processes, odor is caused from paint-drying ovens and VOC from paint booths. These emissions are regulated by the Offensive Odor Control Law and Air Pollution Control Law as well as regulations by local governments regarding living environments.
Taikisha offer highly efficient and economical odor control devices for paint-drying oven exhaust and VOC treatment systems for paint booth exhaust.

Rotary RTO (Mark III Experimental Unit)


  • Proposals to match device characteristics

    Taikisha offers several types of VOC treatment systems that matches the devices characteristics. For example, the Rorary RTO is suitable for the exhaust of drying ovens with malodorous odors at high temperatures. While for paint booth exhaust with large volumes of air and relatively low concentrations, Taikisha offers the system that concentrates by the rotor and treats with RTO.


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