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Large-Space Air Conditioning Technology

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What is large-space air conditioning technology?

Technology that provides comfortable environment through efficient air conditioning for limited area for specific occupants or installed equipments in large spaces with higher ceilings, such as factories, lobbies, or gymnasiums.

Can provide solutions to these problems

  • Want to build comfortable spaces


Production Machine, Product & Worker Friendly Air-conditioning System for Plants

This system improves both comfort and energy-saving performance by applying local-air-conditioning system to occupied areas in large spaces.


  • Substantial cost reduction

    With air conditioning focused on working zones, the heating/cooling capacity of a cold source can be reduced to 50% to 70% of that of traditional methods, enabling a significant cost reduction.

  • Comfortable working space

    Free from drafts, working areas are comfortable.

  • Thermal environment

    Providing a thermal environment that easily enables businesses to keep production machinery and products precise.

  • Easy to maintain

    The system is simple and easy to maintain.

Duct system

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Air Fuse System (for a heated environment)

This system circulates rising hot air back to working areas, enhancing the heating effect for greater energy savings.

Blowing modes of the spot diffuser
Blowing modes of the spot diffuser

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Vertical temperature distribution example in a factory with a high roof factory air-conditioning system

As shown in the figure above, a clearly tiered temperature distribution appears in a cooled plant, demonstrating an effective air conditioning focused only on working areas.
The photo below shows airflow in a cooled environment.
The boundary point of cold air clearly appears at a height of 3m from the floor.