Building HVAC Systems

Taikisha designs and constructs HVAC systems for various facilities with the aim of providing people-friendly, comfortable spaces.

For people to stay healthy and comfortable in any type of facility, from office buildings to commercial facilities, schools, hospitals, hotels, art galleries, and airport terminals, we need to properly control the air that we cannot see. HVAC systems that can comprehensively control the temperature, humidity, airflow, and cleanliness are thus indispensable.

A combination of the suitable equipment, devices and various technologies is necessary to create the optimal air environments for user comfort and protection of whatever is installed or stored there, based on the environment conditions, size, layout, and operating status of the building, in accordance with its purpose and application, is needed to create the right air environments for user comfort and protection of whatever is installed or stored there. Indoor environments change over time, depending on factors such as a large or small number of people or the degree of sunlight coming in. Needless to say, the overall design must take into account not only these factors, but also operation of the equipment, including running costs and ease of maintenance. Looking at air conditioning equipment systems in general, it is safe to say that no two are alike; each one is virtually custom-designed.

Building equipment is generally expected to have a shorter life than buildings themselves, so maintenance and regular repairs are essential to maintain comfort and functionality as constructed air conditioning equipment systems age and wear. Taikisha pays meticulous attention to the problems and meets needs of clients and users while considering all factors inside and outside the building, when existing HVAC system is modified.

Furthermore, in recent years, there has been increasing interest in reducing the amount of energy used, particularly in the operational stage of buildings, from the viewpoint of climate-change measures and improvement of energy efficiency. Energy relating to HVAC systems makes up over 40% of the total energy consumption of a building, so the extent to which this energy can be reduced is the key to overall building energy conservation and to lessening the impact on the global environment. Taikisha, as part of our efforts toward the crucial issue of climate change, offers solutions from multiple aspects to achieve energy conservation from the design stage of our equipment and systems, focusing on reduction of CO2 emissions in the use of equipment after they are delivered to customers.

Taikisha is also rapidly acting to respond to the growing demand in recent times for improved ventilation efficiency in order to reduce the risk of infection.

Facility usage Office buildings, schools, hospitals, commercial facilities, art galleries, hotels, airport terminals