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Taikisha Ltd. has been providing, for the last 50 years, industrial air-conditioning systems for fabric, pharmaceutical and chemical plants, which were Taiwan's major industries. In addition, Taikisha Ltd. actively supports local high-tech industries in Taiwan in the last few decades. Taikisha (Taiwan) Ltd. has offered the world's most advanced cleanroom and paint finishing systems since its foundation in 1989 along with the development of Taiwan's high-tech industries.
As a member of the Taikisha Group, we are ready to support our clients as a partner in production activities through our worldwide network.

Shuichi Unagami

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name Taikisha (Taiwan) Ltd.
Head Office

[Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park] 3F, No.6, Taiyuen 1st Street, Zhubei City, Hsinchu, Taiwan, ROC
TEL: 886-3-560-1661 FAX: 886-3-560-1671

Established March 13, 1989
President Shuichi Unagami
Employees 51
Business Area Design, fabrication, and installation of Industrial HVAC and cleanroom systems, paint finishing systems and mechanical and electrical systems for buildings.

Office & Subsidiaries

Head Office

[Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park] 3F, No.6, Taiyuen 1st Street, Zhubei City, Hsinchu, Taiwan, ROC
TEL: 886-3-560-1661 FAX: 886-3-560-1671


  1. 1989

    • Taikisha (Taiwan) Ltd. established.
  2. 1990

    • Set up M&E Engineering Dept. and PF Engineering Dept.
      Technical supports from Taikisha Ltd., Japan.
  3. 2006

    • Tainan Office established.
  4. 2010

    • To assist the pharmaceutical clients in obtaining PIC's certification successfully
  5. 2014

    • New Head Office relocated at Tai Yuen Hi-Tech. Industrial Park, Zhubei, Hsinchu

Quality Assurance Policy

Taikisha (Taiwan) Ltd. renewed ISO9001:2008 Certification in August 27, 2015.

Details of certification Design and Construction of Mechanical, Electrical Conditioner, Cleanroom and Paint Finishing System Integration Project.
Certifying organization UKAS
Inspecting organization AFAQ
Certificate number No 2012/51534.3

Construction Projects

High-tech Cleanroom Works

Semiconductor plants

  • Macronix International
  • UMC
  • San Chih Semiconductor
  • Silicon Integrated Systems
  • Mosel Vitelic
  • Texas Instruments-Acer
  • Nippon Paint

Wafer Plants

  • Formosa Sumco Technology

Photo Mask Plant

  • Toppan Chunghwa Electronics
  • Choug Hsin Toppan

Color Filter Plant

  • Toppan CFI (Taiwan)
  • Chi Mei Optoelectronics

Glass Substrate Plant

  • AvanStrate Taiwan Inc.

Liquid Crystal Display Plants

  • Nan Ya Plastics
  • Giantplus Technology
  • Chi Mei Optoelectronics

Liquid Crystal Display Module Plants

  • AU Optronics Corp.
  • Chi Mei Optoelectronics

Plasma Display Panel Plants

  • Chunghwa Picture Tubes

Hard Disk Plant

  • Showa Denko HD Trace Corp

Organic Light-Emitting Diode Plant

  • Univision Corp.

Electronic Appliance Plant

  • Panasonic Taiwan

Other Electronic Parts Plants

  • Green Rich Technology
  • Taiwan Futaba Electronics
  • Sumiko Electronics (Taiwan)
  • Microwave & Optical Semiconductors Taiwan
  • FujiFilm Taiwan

Pharmaceutical Product Plants/Laboratories

Pharmaceutical Plants

  • Taiwan Fujisawa Pharmaceutical
  • National Institute of Preventive medicine (P-3 Lab.)
  • Takeda Pharm. Co., Ltd.
  • Daichi Pharm.
  • Nang Kuang Pharm. Co., Ltd.
  • Swiss Pharm. Co., Ltd.
  • Seidai Pharm.
  • Ying Yuan Chemical Pharm. Co., Ltd.

Biotech Plants

  • MicroBio Co., Ltd.

Paint finishing Plants

Automobile Plants

  • Sanyang Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Kuozui Motors, Ltd.
  • CMC Motor
  • Yulon Motor
  • Auto 21 Motor
  • Honda Taiwan

Motorcycle Plants

  • Sanyang Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Kwang Yang Motor
  • Suzuki Motor

Macronix International

Silicon Integrated Systems

Mosel Vitelic