Mid-Term Business Plan

from the fiscal year ending March 2020 to the fiscal year ending March 2022

Long-term Vision

Aim to become a global corporate group that creates an optimal environment through unique engineering

Technology Aim to become an engineering group that meets the diverse needs of clients through energy-, air- and water-based technology.
Environment Solve the clients' environmental issues with innovative solution technology and contribute to passing on the rich global environment to future generations.
Human Resources Respect the individual's creativity and diversity, and value the corporate culture which allows employees to experience one's growth and the joy of working.

Basic Policy and Direction of the Mid-Term Business Plan / Strategy

Solidify the Company's position in the global market

Increase competitiveness and profitability and aim to solidify the Company's position in Japan and overseas facility construction industry.

Reinforce the business base
  • Build a well-balanced business portfolio: Respond to changes in the environment and economic fluctuations
  • Secure stable suppliers and business partners
  • Maintain a sound financial base
Enhance competitiveness
  • Enhance added value: Energy-saving-, cost-saving- and environment-responsive technology and automation technology, etc
  • Upgrade and utilize laboratories: Reinforce technological development capabilities and strengthen proposal capabilities through the visualization of technology
  • Utilize IoT/AI: Promote the development of new solutions
  • Enhance the company's presence through stepped-up PR
Improve profitability
  • Make priority allocations of management resources into the growth markets.
  • Enhance productivity: Improve and propagate onsite construction methods and business processes and utilize IT, etc.
  • Reinforce the project management structure

Strengthen initiatives for the future

Look ahead to future changes in the market environment and promote the development of systems and structures that will turn those changes into business opportunities.

Expand business domains
  • Deepen the existing major business domains
  • Expand new businesses: The plant factory business and the paint finishing system business for large vehicles other than automobiles
  • Expand business areas into new countries
  • Promote alliance with overseas Group companies: Reinforce capabilities to respond to the needs of overseas clients
Environment response
  • Reinforce capabilities to solve clients' environmental issues: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and environmentally hazardous substances by leveraging the technological expertise cultivated in the HVAC business
  • Respond to social needs such as SDGs- and ESG-related needs through business operations: Pursue these areas as new business opportunities

Build an attractive company and establish a solid management base

Reinforce human resource strategies that will make the Company more attractive and the corporate governance structure which will raise the society's trust in the Company.

Human resource strategies
  • Secure human resources: Measures to make the Company more attractive including the enhancement of systems to enable flexible work styles, improvement of benefits and reduction of working hours
  • Firmly establish the Career Plan Scheme: Raise the capabilities and enhance the motivation of employees
  • Reinforce human capital and organizational capabilities through the utilization of diverse human resources
  • Secure employees in line with the situation of each overseas group company
  • Reinforce corporate governance: Reinforcement of the management oversight functions of the Board of Directors and capital cost-conscious management
  • Reinforce the internal control system both in Japan and overseas
  • Improve the global risk management system: Legal risks, information security, compliance, etc.

Quantitative Management Targets

Quantitative targets for the FY2021

Orders-received 2,650 hundred million yen
Net sales of completed construction contracts 2,600 hundred million yen
Ordinary income 160 hundred million yen
Profit attributable to owners of parent 100 hundred million yen
Return on equity (ROE)* 8% or higher
Investment plan 200 hundred million yen
  • *
    We will aim for return on equity(ROE) exceeding capital costs and strive to increase corporate value.