Research and Development Center

The Research and Development Center conducts highly efficient development processes with numerical simulation technology as well as tests and evaluations. Also, cooperative frameworks have been established to offer solutions to customers' engineering issues.

Researches and Studies

Air-conditioning Technologies:
Energy conservation technologies, cleanroom technologies, thermal storage technologies, and other technologies
Environment Conservation Technologies:
Development of exhaust treatment and fluorine wastewater treatment
Monitoring and Controlling Technologies:
Room pressure controlling technologies required for pharmacy, validation technologies, central monitoring/controlling of buildings/factories, and optimum operation technologies aiming for high-level energy conservation
High-Level Environmental Technologies:
Development of humidity & temperature controlled environments (environment test room), super-low humidity nvironments (Dry Room), and high-accuracy rectifying environments (Wind Tunnel)

Technologies with Achievements

The Research and Development Center facilities consist of the following 3 buildings: Research building, Production Technologies Building, and Acoustic Building.

Research Building

The research building has a lobby and display area where our entire heat storage systems are presented on panels in addition to a presentation room and cleanroom area on the first floor. The cleanroom area is equipped with a central blast, FFU (Fan Filter Unit) blast cleanroom, and auxiliary rooms (air shower, etc.) and it supports research including Minienvironment System and airflow visualization.
The simulation room, on the second floor, takes full advantage of thermal hydraulic simulations to achieve optimum environments along with other simulations that help us find the most suitable system configurations or operation methods for Energy Plant systems.
The training room, on the third floor, mainly focuses on internal group training. Not only does it provide facilities with various educational materials that can be touched and observed, but it also offers tours of the testing facilities of the center for effective training. The room can be used by external engineers for training programs.

Production Technologies Building

The production technologies building is used for experiments in developing systems/equipment and performance tests of systems/equipment that will be delivered to clients.

Major development

Thermal storage technologies

Thermal storage technologies store electricity at night in water tanks as thermal energy for use during the day, enabling substantial savings on electrical bills and reducing the amount of heating equipment required. The following developments are in operation: Super-stratified-flow heat storage tank with greater than 95% volume efficiency, water-based latent heat storage system for increasing heat with a phase change of 6°C to 7°C, and ice slurry heat storage system.

Super Stratherm・G

Super-stratified-flow heat storage tank. The cold water operation of the tank makes it possible to save energy and have a stable supply as an integrated cooling unit with a high-efficiency refrigerator.


This is a high-density heat storage system that makes it possible to expand heat storage capacity by utilizing the latent heat of ice.

Wind tunnel

A wind tunnel is a system to artificially create controlled wind. We have developed a wind tunnel for specific use in the measurement of automobile aerodynamics, as well as other designs.

VOC treatment system

VOC treatment system includes concentration system, catalytic combustion system, high-efficiency heat recovery type direct-fired system, and other systems.

Acoustic Building

Development of our silencer systems, such as high-performance silencers, takes place in the acoustic building.
The anechoic chamber is designed for acoustic measurements and it has an irregular heptahedron shape so that opposing sides of the chamber avoid making a parallel plane. This is one of the largest acoustic buildings in Japan, with a capacity of approximately 600 square meters.



359-8, Mimasu, Aikawa-cho, Aiko-gun, Kanagawa 243-0308, Japan