Initiatives to Achieve SDGs

Support of SDGs

The Taikisha Group upholds Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are common goals being tackled by the world as a whole to realize a sustainable society. Taikisha is engaging in initiatives to achieve SDGs, focusing on goals that have a stronger connection to its businesses.

Main SDGs to which the Taikisha Group Contributes through Its Businesses

Among 17 goals of SDGs, Taikisha is engaging in initiatives to achieve SDGs, focusing on 7 goals that have a stronger connection to its businesses.

Main Initiatives to Achieve SDGs

Goal 2: Sustainable food and agriculture

  • Contributing to the promotion of sustainable agriculture through our plant factory business to stably produce and supply food
    (Stable planned cultivation for 365 days regardless of the weather / Pesticide-free cultivation in a clean environment / Safe vegetable production under thorough food hygiene control)

Goal 3: Ensuring healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

  • Contributing to achieve the optimal environment for the process of pharmaceutical manufacturing, by leveraging our unique and advanced room pressure control technology as well as our past experiences and know-how
  • Contributing to the prevention of COVID-19 infections using HVAC control technology
    • Taikisha has developed "Air Infection Block Plus," a transportable high-performance air barrier unit for healthcare workers that can reduce the risk of virus infection
    • Taikisha has developed "Barrier Cube", an emergency shelter that can reduce the risk of virus infection
  • Contributing to reducing air pollution by using exhaust aftertreatment technology to neutralize VOCs

Goal 7: Securing access to clean energy

  • Developing and promoting energy efficient technologies
  • Installing renewable energy -e.g. solar power, wind power, hydro power, geothermal, solar thermal and biomass
  • Adopting next-generation energy such as hydrogen
  • Promoting the development of technology, such as lower temperature of waste heat recovery, downsizing and lower baking oven temperature in automotive paint finishing facilities.

Goal 9: Promoting sustainable industrialization

  • Promoting the development of new solutions using IoT and AI
    • Developing HVAC systems to control circulating air based on the data of production unit operating condition, manpower and indoor environment with integration of innovative ICT technologies for smart factories and smart buildings
    • Developing and commercializing systems using IoT and AI to analyze the cause of defect occurrence and shutdown in paint finishing factories
  • Applying robot technology in the automotive paint finishing system to the automation of various processes
  • Developing and commercializing paint finishing systems with high coating efficiency (Aiming for 100% coating efficiency)

Goal 11: Realizing sustainabile cities and human settlements

  • Constructing sustainable and robust building utilities for healthy and comfortable living for people
  • Contributing to increase the longevity of buildings

Goal 12: Securing sustainable consumption and production patterns

  • Reducing construction waste in construction sites, and managing chemicals appropriately
  • Reducing the release of pollutants into the air, water and soil
  • Proposing and supplying building utilities with low environmental impacts, and promoting green procurement
  • Reducing food loss by producing long-life vegetables at plant factories

Goal 13: Specific measures for climate change and its impacts

  • Contributing to a carbon-neutral society by aggressively reducing CO2 emissions during the operational phase of our building utilities under our long-term CO2 reduction target
    • [Green Technology System Business] Setting 2013 as a base year, we set our goal to cut CO2 emissions by 25% by 2030 and 80% by 2050
    • [Paint Finising System Business] Achieving net-zero CO2 emissions per one automobile by 2050. (Based on our own energy estimation models of automotive painting lines)
  • Promoting our plant factory business as part of the resilience to climate change and natural disasters