Stakeholder Engagement

Taikisha accurately understands expectations and requirements from stakeholders and value the concept of "Stakeholder Engagement" that builds high trust and cooperative relationships as a company working to create a better society.


Taikisha's responsibilities
  • Provision of valuable products/services
  • Customer satisfaction improvement from various aspects, such as qualitiy, cost and delivery time
  • Provision of accurate and appropriate information regarding products/services
Main methods of dialogue
  • Dialogue through sales activities
  • Website, newsletter
  • Information provision through exhibitions and other occasions


Taikisha's responsibilities
  • Maintenance and improvement of corporate value
  • Ensuring of stable profit and appropriate return of profit
  • Timely and appropriate disclosure of corporate information
Main methods of dialogue
  • Shareholders' meetings, earnings briefing sessions
  • Visiting investors
  • IR website

Employees and their Families

Taikisha's responsibilities
  • Creation of a prosperous life for employees and their families
  • Human resouce utilization and development
  • Fair evaluation and treatment
  • Respect for human rights, personality, and individuality
  • Creation of a working environment in which a diverse range of employees participate actively and enthusiastically in work
  • Pay attention to industrial health and safety
Main methods of dialogue
  • Dialogue through the Corporate Culute Committee
  • Consultation desk
  • Employee satisfaction survey

Business Partners

Taikisha's responsibilities
  • Fair and transparent transactions
  • Information sharing and collaboration to realize customer satisfaction and green procurement
Main methods of dialogue
  • Investigations on business partners
  • Holding information sessions
  • Award of "Excellent Green Procurement Company"


Taikisha's responsibilities
  • Respect for cultures and customes and contribution to their development
  • Accident/disaster prevention
  • Cooperation/coordination for solving social issues
  • Ensuring of job security and tax payment
  • Participation in local/social contribution activities
Main methods of dialogue
  • Participation of employees in social contribution activities and community contribution activities
  • Participation in local communities

Supervisory Authorities

Taikisha's responsibilities
  • Compliance with laws, ordinances, administrative directives, etc.
  • Payment of taxes
  • Cooperation in valious policies designed to solve various public issues
Main methods of dialogue
  • Participation in industry groups
  • Various notifications and reports

Global Environment

Taikisha's responsibilities
  • Contribution toward realizing a low-carbon society
  • Research and development of new environment friendly technologies and products
  • Promotion of energy saving and recycling
  • Reduction of waste producution and emmision of hazardous chemicl substances
  • Environment conservation activities based on the environment management system
Main methods of dialogue
  • Compliance with various laws and regulations
  • Stakeholders Dialogue