Policy and Philosophy

Corporate Policy

"Customers First"

Customers are broadly interpreted as general society. The spirit of "Customers First" is to obtain ceaseless trust from our customers.
For this purpose, we must conscientiously put forth our best effort in all areas of business, based upon the philosophy that behavior of a person or a company will generate benefits and happiness for one's counterpart.

Corporate Philosophy: Management Objevtives

  1. Establishing a company that can perpetually grow and contribute to the society
    1. Make efforts to continue growth through increasing added value, and aim to create prosperity for customers and affiliated companies as well as affluent lives for employees
    2. Make efforts to create an affluent environment and to advance industrial society, with an aim at making a contribution to society through technology that matches the needs of society
  2. Creating an attractive company
    1. Aim at creating a motivation-oriented company where the creativity and vitality of each employee will be realized through their work.
    2. Aim at creating a company with an organization and corporate culture in which company goals will be achieved through the combined efforts of all employees under a spirit of mutual trust, cooperation, and rationality.
    3. Aim at creating a unique company in all areas of company operations, including technology, market, and development of human resources, through amassing the expertise of "energy, air, and water".

Management Vision

Conduct businesses under free and fair competition in compliance with laws and the spirit thereof; contribute to customer/business partner, shareholder, employee, community/society and global environment with transparency and integrity.