Better Customer Satisfaction

We improve customer satisfaction and strive to improve our quality based on the quality policies set out by each division.

Quality Policy

Quality Assurance System

Taikisha has established a quality assurance system based on the ISO9001 standard in order to ensure quality.

ISO9001 Certification Obtained

Green Technology System Division

Facilities Head Office / Tohoku Branch Office / Tokyo Branch Office / Chubu Branch Office / Osaka Branch Office / Kyushu Branch Office / Marketing and Development Dept. / Research & Development Center
Certifying organization ANAB (USA)
Inspecting organization ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. (USA)
Certificate number 32928

Paint Finishing System Division

Facilities Head Office / Tohoku Branch Office / Tokyo Branch Office / Chubu Branch Office / Osaka Branch Office / Kyushu Branch Office
Certifying organization JAB (Japan), UKAS (UK), ANAB (USA)
Inspecting organization Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. (USA)
Certificate number C2019-03652

Design and Construction Quality Improvement Activities

System designs that meet customers' needs are created and reviewed in the Design Policy Review Meeting and the Examination Meeting during the design process and handed over to the construction division.
Before the commencement of a construction project, the persons responsible at the sales, design, safety, quality, purchase and construction divisions work together in the Construction Policy Meeting and the Review Meeting to identify risks regarding defective work and legal violations. In addition, they take up the following six important quality control issues, and check if they are incorporated in construction plans and implemented during on-site patrols and project completion report meetings.

  1. Prevention of water leakage in important functional rooms
  2. Prevention of cross connection
  3. Prevention of leakage of oil, chemical solutions, and waste liquid
  4. Prevention of lack of smoke exhaust air flow
  5. Prevention of frozen coil
  6. Prevention of stoppage of existing production facilities

Before starting construction, onsite managers, department and section managers and the quality department work together on the following five items.

  1. Review of design drawings
  2. Review of construction work instructions
  3. Preparation of the rules for creating work drawings
  4. Review of work drawings
  5. Review of the specifications of delivered equipment

A construction quality inspection at construction sites is conducted in stages: self-inspection by subcontractors, self-inspection by site offices, and quality inspection by the Engineering Dept. and Quality Control Dept. A quality inspection is carried out prior to construction, during the construction and before the construction is completed. The status of correction of defects is checked periodically based on inspection records, and confirmation and follow-up on the status of correction are carried out until correction is completed.

In addition, efforts are made to raise the quality awareness of engineering employees through quality standardization materials and the periodic provision of employee education.

Efforts for Quality Improvement at Overseas Business Offices

In order to improve the quality of overseas projects, Taikisha identifies priority projects and discusses their quality issues at the Design Examination Meeting and the Construction Review Meeting, and follows up on the projects at regular meetings until the issues are resolved.
Information on defects generated at each business office is collected by the department in charge, and such information is shared at the overseas Engineering Department Manager Meeting held three times a year. In order to enhance the skill of local staff, the department in charge provides technical training to staff members of the Engineering Department at construction sites of each business office.