Development of Human Resources

Basic Policy for Human Resource Development

Taikisha is an engineering company, and its best asset is its human resources. Human resource development and education is positioned as one of the most important management challenges.

Human Development Vision

Develop human resources with high morals.
  • They are able to conduct fair and just business activities using global perspectives while observing the norms of society, regulations and laws, and rules
Develop human resources who are capable of achieving goals and realizing the visions of organizations and individuals through their work
  • They are highly creative
  • They are cooperative and rational, and take action based on mutual trust
Develop human resources that can flexibly adapt to market changes
  • They are able to handle operations on a global scale
  • They are able to take on challenges to expand business fields

Career Planning Scheme

Taikisha introduced the career plan scheme in FY2018.
This scheme aims to foster independent human resources. We believe the most important element for this is to make each employee fully aware of what they want to become in the future as a business person. We understand that providing support and guidance to each employee to achieve their future vision is one of the roles we must undertake as a company.
All job function in the Company are broken down into job fields and grades to define and clearly state the details of the work knowledge, skills required for each job and class, and the official certifications that we encourage employees to acquire. This information is disclosed within the Company and helps employees to systematically understand what knowledge and skills they need for their vision, and to take necessary actions, receiving supports from supervisors and senior co-workers.
Using these knowledge and skills, employees are encouraged to engage actively and come up with more advanced and creative ideas depending on their individual characteristic and mind.
This scheme is operated together with the employee evaluation system with the intention of educating employees, and they and their supervisors can register or browse at any time and from any place in the online system.

Education and Training Schemes

There is a lineup of training schemes available in Taikisha to enhance its members' skills in managing projects and teams and communicating with clients, business partners, supervisors, colleagues and subordinates in addition to improving the expertise of individual employees. Training programs continue to be improved and developed so that they can help employees acquire the knowledge and skills they think they need, thereby providing target-oriented education. With the aim of developing self-motivated human resources, Taikisha provides education to accelerate the development of professionals and leaders.

Training by job grade

A training by job grade is offered to employees based on the levels of their responsibilities.

Training by objective

A training by objective is offered to employees depending on the purpose such as career development, compliance education, etc.

Training for overseas local staff at overseas affiliates

A training for overseas local staff is offered for employees who work for our overseas subsidiaries.

Just and Fair Assessment

Taikisha's personnel assessment is conducted based on the philosophies of fair and transparent operations.

In performance evaluation, employees are assessed based on their abilities, motivation and conduct required for each employee and the degree of contribution to business performance. The results are given to employees as feedback, and this is expected to lead to enhanced human resource development. In particular, the evaluation of skills, which is one area of ability evaluation, is based on a clear and transparent definition of skills according to the grade and type of job.

At the beginning of the fiscal year, employees and their supervisors set job targets and individual growth targets through interviews and have a monthly dialogue, while being mindful of a monthly PDCA cycle to achieve the targets. By doing so, Taikisha nurtures employees and gives them guidance.

Evaluations at the end of the fiscal year are not limited to assessing employees based on numerical performance results alone, which an excessive achievement-based system tends to do; instead, employees are evaluated not only in view of how much they hav boosted their capabilities relative to their individual long-term growth Targets, but also by placing importance on how much they have contributed to the creation of added value that Taikisha seeks to generate for society, such as making efforts and demonstrating creativity repeatedly in tackling matters beyond their knowledge as a challenger with enthusiasm while getting others involved as well.